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This website is edited by Takara Investments (the “Issuer”) for the sole use of its Limited Shareholders (the “Subscriber”).

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There has been no public offering of the Limited Shares. The subscription of the Limited Shares in the Issuer is as a result of a reverse solicitation on the part of the Subscriber and not as a result of any marketing activity undertaking by the Issuer. This website is of a purely informative nature and is not aimed to nor constitutes an encouragement, an offer, or a recommendation to buy or sell any security or other investment product, to carry out transactions, or to conclude a legal act of any kind whatsoever. Nothing on this website shall be deemed as a public call nor selling, whatever its form, qualification or denomination retained as a proactive behaviour from the Issuer. Every interaction towards the Issuer from third parties must be considered as the latter's sole initiative.

With regard to the tax, legal, currency and economic considerations related to this subscription and the proposed activities of the Issuer, and the elections and directions made or given (if any) to the Subscribers by the Issuer, the Subscriber has relied and will rely only on the advice of the Subscriber's own professional advisers.

The Issuer may have issued or issue in the future other documents that are inconsistent with, and reach different conclusions from, the information presented in this website. The Issuer is under no obligation to ensure that such other documents are brought to the attention of any recipient of this document. Full information and conditions of may be obtained free of charge at the Issuer, Takara Investments – 45, avenue de la Liberté – L1931 Luxembourg.

This website may contain information, including details of investment performance, in respect of private equity investment(s). The information contained herein is based on sources believed to be reliable, but it has not been independently verified. No guaranty, representation or warranty (express or implied) can be given that such information is current, accurate or complete.

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